Stihl Chainsaw Spark Plug Gap – All You Need To Know


To ensure the combustion in your chainsaw engine, a spark plug is a key to igniting the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder. While using the chainsaw, users face the problem of spark plug gaps frequently. Let us inform you that the gap between the electrode and periodic replacement is crucial for engine performance. This gap …

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How Do You Adjust The Oiler On Stihl MS 251 – 3 Effective Ways

How Do You Adjust The Oiler On Stihl MS 251

The oiler is one of the most important parts of a chainsaw because it keeps the chain and bar from overheating and rusting. It also ensures that the chain teeth remain sharp and protected. Every once in a while, you have to stop what you are doing and check whether your chain is getting oiled …

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How To Tell If Chainsaw Oiler Is Working? 3 Easy Methods

How To Tell If Chainsaw Oiler Is Working

Have you ever wondered why your brand new chainsaw’s chain teeth bit the dust in such a short period? This wearout might be related to the oiler. No matter if you have a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric one, the oiler’s job remains the same. It constantly works to protect and lubricate your bar and …

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What Causes A Spark Plug To Turn Black? 13 Possible Reasons


Suppose you have a job interview to attend in the morning. You woke up early and prepared yourself to bring your A-game. You sit in the car and put the pedal to the medal, but you’re surprised, and the car isn’t running. So, you check the engine and notice signs of soot on your spark …

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4 Best Spark Plug For Stihl Chainsaw in 2024

‘What! It’s out of oil again?’ That’s your Stihl chainsaw which you had refilled a few days back. Now it’s drinking oil like a buffet. It wasn’t always like this, you might ask yourself. Yes, you are right. The problem isn’t with the chainsaw but the spark plug because the best spark plug for Stihl …

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