Affiliate Disclosure

According to the latest Disclosure Compliance rules from the Federal Trade Commission, readers should know whether the blogs we publish are sponsored or endorsed.

Here is our disclaimer to comply with the FTC guidelines.

  • EditorsVine is affiliated with the Amazon Services LLC Associates program. This is an affiliate advertising program where we can earn a certain sum by linking to and its affiliated sites. This is also true for other websites affiliated with the same program.
  • All the links you will see on EditorsVine are affiliate links that we use to direct readers to affiliate websites. You can click an affiliate link to buy the product from the seller. Remember, EditorsVine doesn’t sell anything. We only earn a small commission when a reader buys a product through the affiliate link placed on EditorsVine.
  • Whether you buy a product directly from the seller’s website or through our affiliate link, the price will be the same. We help affiliate companies get more visitors to their websites through our blogs.
  • We use two types of affiliate links. We use Amazon affiliate links to link our blog to and other affiliated websites. The other type is product affiliate links that redirect you to the websites of other companies or sellers.
  • We don’t usually publish sponsored posts. This ensures you get an honest opinion and authentic information about products. We aren’t marketers here. Instead, we try to recommend genuinely worthy products in our opinion. But if we publish sponsored posts, we give a clear disclosure so that readers know a particular company sponsors the post.