Stihl Ms180 Chain Oil Adjustment – 8 Easy Steps


It’s true; Stihl chainsaws are designed to let you have an excellent performance while dealing with the wood.

But you can’t ignore the problematic facts lying with that chainsaw; after all, it’s a machine, you know! So, how do you do the Stihl Ms180 Chain Oil Adjustment?

Well, all you need to check, clean, recheck and replace the parts while needed. For that don’t you think you should know how to find out the problems by disassembling your particular saw? We think so!

In this guide, you will find all you need to deal with the working oiler of your Stihl ms180 chainsaw. Let’s dig in!

Why Is My Stihl Ms180 Chainsaw Not Oiling The Chain?

Sometimes it happens despite having enough lubrication; your chainsaw oiler isn’t working at all.

Generally, you disclose this when you notice that the chain isn’t getting enough oil, thus creating too much friction with an unsmooth run. Also, it’s getting too hot and producing smoke.

However, these are the general signs of having a sick chainsaw oiler. So, what causes the oiler not to work even though it has enough oil?

Well, in most cases, users found their chainsaws not getting oil because of the clogging of sawdust.

The oil flow can be slower even if it stops flowing because of the clogging of sawdust and other debris.

How can your oiler provide good services with a blocked oil port, clogged oil inlet hole, or gummed-up oil delivery house?

So, here are the overall parts of your Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw that you need to check and clean carefully –

  • Bar
  • Feeder to the bar
  • Oil inlet holes
  • Oiler pump
  • Oil line
  • Oil filter
  • Worm gear drive

How Do I Know If My Chainsaw Oiler Is Working?

The following three signs would indicate that your chainsaw oiler is providing enough oil.

  • The chain, after use, remains oily in touch
  • Running chain throws a mist of oil
  • Oil drops come out through the oiler nipple

How would you check if your Stihl MS 180 chainsaw gets these signs or not? Well, steps are here-

Step 1 – Test the Chainsaw

To check the first sign (oily chain), start up the chainsaw for a while without cutting through wood. Then take a close look at the chain or touch it; you should feel oil on your finger.

Also, lift the chain from the drive link, and you will notice oil on them too. The chain has an oily film on it means it’s getting enough oil.

Step 2 – Check The Spray Of Oil Over Any Clean Object.

You need to run the saw pointing the end of the bar to cardboard or clean paper or wood. It’s just checking the mist of oil that should be thrown at the object, so run it without cutting through anything.

However, if you notice oil sprays on the cardboard, know that the oiler is working in its way.

Step 3 – Checking The Oiler Hole

To check the oiler hole ( if it’s producing oil drops or not), you need to disassemble the upper parts of the saw.

Scroll a bit to find the process of how you will disassemble the parts to get access to the oiler hole or others.

However, after getting the oiler hole, run the engine. If you notice drops of oil from the oiler nipple, take your chainsaw oiler as a good one!

Steps On Stihl Ms180 Chainsaw Oiler Adjustment

While adjusting a working oiler, all you need to check, clean, recheck, and in some cases, replace.

The following steps will let you know how to deal with a working oiler by disassembling the parts of your chainsaw.

Cleaning The Oil Ports – 8 Easy Steps!

Step 1

To begin the cleaning process, 1st of all, disconnect the spark plug boot from the plug.

Step 2

Then start by removing the two nuts and pop the clutch cover off. Remove the bar and chain as well.

Step 3

Separate the chain from the bar and look for any build-up of sawdust or dirt on the bar. Use a knife or flat screwdriver and scrape it down to the heel of both sides of the bar guide slot to clean it.

Step 4

Also, clean the oil feed holes of the bar. Here you can use wire to remove the dirt and sawdust over it.

Step 5

Take a look at the oil relief valve; a little oil should seep if you push against the valve. It is designed to be opened when the saw engine is run. However, in case it’s clogged, it won’t.

Step 6

Start the saw engine without covering it and look for oil drops coming out through the oiler hole.

Step 7

In case no oil is coming out, get access to the oil pump. Look for any damages and clean it using gasoline, a brush, and a rag.

Step 8

Reassemble all the parts one by one and recheck your chainsaw. In case it’s still not oiling enough, you need to replace the oil pump worn drive.

Why Does My Stihl Ms180 Chainsaw Bar Oil Leak?

You may have noticed oil leakage underneath the saw when you grab it. While running a finger to it, you notice it’s full of bar oil; even oil can be leaked from the bar and chain as well though it’s not in use.

Whatever it is, oil leaking from a chainsaw, is indeed a frustrating issue for everyone, isn’t it?

So it’s crucial to know the facts of why oil leaking from a chainsaw takes place. See the possible facts that make your chainsaw leak oil.

Fact 1

Improper ventilation of the oil tank creates a vacuum into the guide bar that reduces the oil flow and produces the oil leak.

Fact 2

Sometimes due to changes in temperature throughout the day and night, a normal variation of air pressure occurs. It causes oil to be forced out of the fuel tank through the oil pump ports while the chainsaw is in the store.

Fact 3

Storage of an overfilled oil tank on an uneven surface also causes oil leaking in case of temperature variations.

Fact 4

The oil line that goes from the oil tank to the oil pump might need to be cleaned or replaced.

How Much Bar Oil Should A Stihl Ms180 Chainsaw Use?

Chainsaw manufacturers designed the oil tank to let you use one tank of fuel mix to one tank of oil, or it may sometimes take less oil than fuel.

However, Stihl bar oil is specially made for this chainsaw, and according to the manufacturer guide book, you should adjust the oil on the oil tank.

Moreover, you need to refuel the saw by topping up your chain oil. And if you need to top up the oil level, make it before, not after, as it may cause oil leaking, you know!

How do I understand if the oil level is perfect in the tank – may be wondering?

Well, check your chainsaw running it in front of a paper or cardboard; if you see a mist of soil on that, then no worries about the bar oil of the tank. It seems wealthy enough!

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Stihl Ms180 chain oil adjustment isn’t tricky if you know the process well. Hopefully, you can now troubleshoot all the working facts that come with your Stihl MS 180 chainsaw oiler.

If you have a chainsaw, you always need to deal with the entire part of it. So, disassembling, cleaning, and checking all these processes should be in your catch always.

Hence, you shouldn’t ignore this tip –

Wear gloves and protection kits even while cleaning the oiler ports, not only working with your saw.

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