How To Fix Chainsaw Oiler Not Working?

How To Fix Chainsaw Oiler Not Working

If the oil pump isn’t lubricating well your chainsaw bar, then you can face some problems with that. Now, most of the chainsaws on the market have a built-in oiler or an automatic oil pump.

The oiler keeps the chain smooth. When you use the chainsaw bar to cut trees or something, the oiler oils the bar to keep that lubricated.

Lubrication is necessary for this equipment’s function and execution. Otherwise, the chainsaw bar will stop working while slicing through a tough surface.

Let’s delve right into the procedure!

Signs of Defective Oiler

There are some signs through which you can suspect that your oil pump is defective. And this is the easiest thing to find the signs of a faulty oil pump.

If the oiler stops lubricating the bar, then the chainsaw will dry as a bone. Despite that, if you still go to sawing down a tree, the chainsaw will blow a lot of smoke. Also, the bar will be too hot.

Right then, the chain will lock up solid on the bar. This is not a good thing for the lifespan of your chainsaw. So, always try to check the oiler pump if it’s working or not.

Now, let’s find out how to fix the chainsaw oiler that is not working.

Check the Chainsaw Oiler Adjustment

If you are not sure that your chainsaw hasn’t any oiler problem, then checking the chainsaw oiler adjustment is the perfect solution to confirm it. First of all, turn on the chainsaw bar and run until it’s hot.

After warming up the throttle, place the chainsaw near a piece of paper or wood. If you have some splattering of oil, then the oiler is fine. Otherwise, the oiler is not working. For that, the chain bar is not lubricated enough.

Now turn off the machine and let the chainsaw cool. At this point, Locate the oiler adjustment.

The oiler adjustment is located at the bottom of the chainsaw bar. Turning the chainsaw upside down will help you to find it.

There you will see a plus and minus sign icon which represents the oiler. Now increase the oil by turning up the chainsaw oiler adjustment counterclockwise.

Now hold the chainsaw bar and power up the throttle. Then let the machine get warmed up and perform the test again.

How To Fix the Chainsaw Bar – Explained

If the above solution hasn’t solved the problem yet, then you have to try something different. It’s pretty complicated but easy enough. First, disassemble the chainsaw bar.

You have to take aside the clutch cover and remove the chain from the bar. If the chain seems harmed or worn, that might be the root of the problem.

If you see that the chain is too damaged and that it is not rotating perfectly, then it’s high time you should replace the chain.

It would be great to clean up the chain along with the bar and clear it from any dirt, sawdust, or excess oil.

On the contrary, if the chain looks to be in excellent condition, you have to check the actual oiler. To begin with, review the oil lines to check whether there are any airs out or creases.

Then, flow out the oil tank itself and clean it all together. Now repeat the test and look carefully if the oiler pump is working fine or not.

If the above solution doesn’t fix the issue, you may have to buy a new oil filter and the oil vent tanks.

Diagnosing The Components

However, if any of the above solutions don’t fix your problem, don’t lose hope. There are still some ways you can try. First of all, you have to diagnose the components whether they are damaged or not.

If the chain saw bar is not getting lubricated, you can check the chain bar, the pump gears, pumps, pick-ups, or pinion. These are the vital components of the chainsaw bar.

The Pump Gear

It’s also known as a worm gear. While the gear rotates, It operates the oil pump, which lubricates the chain. It helps to keep the chain smooth and work perfectly.

If the pump gear is damaged or swiped away, you have bought a new one. Or else, It will not lubricate the chain, and the bar oiler will not work perfectly.

The Bar Oiler Pumps

If you notice that the chain is producing smoke and the bar becomes extremely hot, then it’s a sign that your bar oiler isn’t lubricating the chain.

The bar oiler pumps thrust oil from the oil tank and smears to the chainsaw bar. Oil won’t be able to smear the bar if the bar oiler pump is damaged. So, if you find it damaged, then replace it quickly.


Pick-up is located between the oil tank and the bar oiler. Its main operation is to bear the oil from the oil tank and supply it to the chain and bar.

The chain or the bar might not be able to get oil if the pump is hampered. Also, the pick-ups can get obstructed if the machine is unused for a while. If it happens, then simply clean it and remove the obstruct.

Pinion Gear

The function of the pinion gear is the same as the bar oiler pumps. It also helps to lubricate the chain.

The common problem with pinion gear is that it becomes snatched day by day. For that, it won’t work properly. So, be alert to check and replace it.

How To Take Care Of The Oiler?

Whenever you turn on the chainsaw, check whether the oil tank is working properly or not. Also, do not use the chainsaw for a long period if there is no oil on the oiler. Always try to refill the oil tank if it’s empty.

Finally, always use the recommended oil from the provider. If you follow these tips, then your chainsaw will run smoothly over the years.

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A chainsaw is a convenient tool to cut down a tree or solid surface. It has strong teeth and a powerful rotating chain that can cut through ice, concrete, and trees.

But it won’t last long if you don’t take care of it regularly. The oiler, pinion gear, or pump gear will be damaged if you neglect it. So, always try to be careful about the machine.

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