Finishing African Mahogany – 5 Steps to Apply Smooth Finish


Decorating your house with the classiest thing is the new trend. We’re sure you have thought about making your home look aesthetic as well. Wooden floors and furniture add beauty to your home. Speaking about beauty and aesthetics, African mahogany comes first in mind. If you research more about this, chances are you will want …

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Stihl Ms180 Chain Oil Adjustment – 8 Easy Steps


It’s true; Stihl chainsaws are designed to let you have an excellent performance while dealing with the wood. But you can’t ignore the problematic facts lying with that chainsaw; after all, it’s a machine, you know! So, how do you do the Stihl Ms180 Chain Oil Adjustment? Well, all you need to check, clean, recheck …

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Flaxseed Oil Wood Finish – Apply In 7 Effective Steps

Flaxseed Oil Wood Finish

Do you want to know about a more refined, suitable finish, and eco-friendly for your wooden adored furniture? The one finish which will protect your wood from damage. Furthermore, the one that won’t contain any toxic chemicals? Polyurethane, varnish, or lacquer has plastic materials or preservatives to make the finish more durable. However, flaxseed oil …

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White Oak Clear Finish: Apply In 5 Easy Steps


If you are thinking about a wooden floor or just installing a new door in your room, white oak wood should be your very first choice. Yes, people will say that oak wood is expensive, but it’s also a great value for money. Oakwood is durable and strong because it is considered hardwood. It also …

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How To Fix Chainsaw Oiler Not Working?

How To Fix Chainsaw Oiler Not Working

If the oil pump isn’t lubricating well your chainsaw bar, then you can face some problems with that. Now, most of the chainsaws on the market have a built-in oiler or an automatic oil pump. The oiler keeps the chain smooth. When you use the chainsaw bar to cut trees or something, the oiler oils …

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Chainsaw Bar Oil Hole: Fix In 8 Easy Steps

Chainsaw Bar Oil Hole

Every chainsaw has an oiler that keeps the chain lubricated. If you are a new stoner, and find the chainsaw bar oil hole clogged and not correctly working, you probably need to know how to fix the problems. While looking for solutions, you need to know how the chain saw bar oiler works. Almost every …

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How To Adjust Oiler On Stihl Chainsaw: 2 Effective Solutions


How could a machine run with a disturbing power source? However, today we are talking about the Stihl chainsaw and its power source, of course, the oiler adjustment! You know, lubrication is vital to the Stihl chainsaw; for its all-over functions and performs. So, running it with a sick oiler isn’t fair, Right? But how …

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Can You Put Polyurethane Over Shellac? Explained


Suppose you own hardwood floors in your home. In that case, you know precisely how difficult it is to take care of wooden objects. It is hectic to make them look raw and glossy, isn’t it? So, you decide to put shellac on your wood. Because you heard that putting shellac on your wood will …

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Varnish Over Shellac – 3 Quick Steps To Apply

Varnish Over Shellac

Suppose you have purchased a brand new cherry door as your exterior door for your home. If you’re familiar with wooden furniture, you must know they need to be polished. To enhance the color of your door, you applied a shellac finish. Yet after a while, you see it is leaking rainwater. So you must …

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What Causes Black Carbon On Spark Plug: 5 Possible Reasons

What Causes Black Carbon On Spark Plug

In a chainsaw, the spark plug is vital for ensuring the proper engine operation. While using, you may often find that the spark plug in your chainsaw is not working and a soft, black, dry deposit on the plug. This is what you can call carbon fouling. Now, what causes black carbon on spark plug? …

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