Ethan Allen Wood Finish: Know What Suits Your Furniture

Ethan Allen Wood Finish

Suppose you want to purchase wooden furniture that will make your home appear lavish and decadent. You asked around and found Ethan Allen furniture will help your home look like you anticipate.

You should know before buying wooden materials, that it needs caring and finishes. First, you have to choose a finish for your furniture. A finish will enhance and protect your wood.

You may wonder what type of finish will be the best choice to apply to your wood, especially if you want to purchase Ethan Allen furniture. You can feel clueless about which Ethan Allen wood finish to choose.

Don’t worry! In this guide, we will go through why you can choose Ethan Allen furniture and what finish you can apply.

Why Should You Buy Ethan Allen Furniture?

First of all, you should know the history of Ethan Allen before we get into why you should buy it.

Ethan Allen has been in the furniture business for decades. They started their journey in the 1930s. It has been a famous American brand for ages.

Ethan Allen was a Revolutionary War hero from Vermont. So it has named this famous brand after him.

Now let’s dive into why you will prefer to buy Ethan Allen furniture, shall we?

Real wood

You can be confident that the furniture is built from natural wood. The wood comes from United States forest woods.

A lot of furniture is built from boards or staples. That is why they can’t be durable. Ethan Allen furniture has durability, and it will last for a more extended period.

Fresh Looks

Ethan Allen products give a vintage look to the furniture. They welcome the trendy new looks, reinvest in their furniture, and reinvent them.

For this reason, this brand never gets out of the market. It still trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Ethan Allen’s furniture is produced through environment-friendly materials. As a result, they are the leading brand in the wood furniture market.

They have to look over if the furniture contains toxic and harmful stuff or not. The brand can lose their market image if they do contain toxic chemicals.

Thus, they make sure to provide climate-friendly products. They have respect for your family as well as for the planet.

Three Lifestyles

The brand has identified three different lifestyles. They are –

  • Classic
  • Country & Coastal
  • Modern

The furniture can go for any of the three appearances, whichever you want.

Ethan Allen is extending its business throughout the world with its diversified furniture.

Standard Handiwork

You can customize or craft any furniture you need at Ethan Allen. They will make sure that you have the best product you are expecting.

For that, they go into the specific details to craft your table or to make a custom bed. They commit to producing the best furniture and put their time and effort as well.

Excellent Designers

They have remarkable designers in their team. You can call their designers for any help regarding your furniture. In addition, you can consult with them by phone or online.

Best Ethan Allen wood finish For Furniture – 6 Of Them

Best Ethan Allen wood finish For Furniture

There is a vast number of furniture finishes available in Ethan Allen.

Let’s look at some of the top-notch finish products of Ethan Allen and know about their details.

Homestead Light Brown

If you want a mellow light brown finish, then you can choose this one.

You can apply this to your chair or your sofa cushion. First, it gives a low shiny appearance. Then, you can brush on it to the furniture.

Oak Cirrus White

It produces a moderate level of glaze with white paint. If you choose to paint white on your furniture, this is the best option for you.

You can apply this to your dresser or closet to have a cozy feeling in your bedroom.

You can brush the grain while applying this finish.

Homestead Charcoal

You can choose to finish off your furniture with dark charcoal color. It offers a lighter sheen compared to other finishes.

You should apply it with a steel wire brush. You will scratch the edges.

The furniture where this is applied can be the side chairs of your dining table.


If the furniture is oak, then you can apply an islander to produce a light stain. It gives a plain color with increased glaze.

You can observe the grains clearly in this unit.

Sea Salt

To finish off with a grey color, you can choose sea salt. It is a natural white color with grey designs.

You can wire-brush this finish to produce the grain appearance.

How Can You Refinish Ethan Allen Furniture?

Let’s look over the steps to apply to refinish your Ethan Allen furniture.

Step 1 – Take precautions before applying

Before everything, you have to take the furniture to a safe and protected place. For example, leave the furniture over a cloth or a newspaper.

Take precautions before applying to refinish. Wear goggles, protective clothes, a mask, and gloves. To remove the stain or paint, you need to spray or brush using a rag. Wipe away any extra leftovers.

Step 2 – Start sanding the furniture

Sand the furniture using a sander or by hand. Start with sandpaper. This process may take a great deal of time. Wipe away the dirt and grit. You can use a damp rag for wiping.

Step 3 – Stain the furniture

Now, you can stain the furniture. You have to strain in the direction of the grain. Apply the stain using a rag or a brush. Wait for the coat to dry.

Wipe off any excess stains using a clean cloth and let the furniture dry. Repeat the same process if you expect a darker finish.

Step 4 – Paint it if the stain isn’t available

If you don’t want to stain, you can paint it. You have to follow the directions given by the manufacturer of the furniture carefully.

You can paint 2-3 coats with a brush or spray can. Each coat needs to be dried completely. Or else you won’t achieve the best results.

Step 5 – Apply polyurethane & wait for it to dry

You have to put at least one layer of polyurethane over the stain or paint. Then, apply it with a brush or a clean cloth Wait for the poly to dry. You can use your furniture after the poly has dried.


What Kind of Wood Does Ethan Allen Use?

Their furniture is generally made of maple and cherry wood. The vintage style is their signature style with a glimpse of classical aura.

The long-established look happens to work in all types of homes. People prefer the traditional and raw appearance in their homes.

How Do You Clean Ethan Allen’s Furniture?

You should clean frequently using a clean cloth mixed with soap and water. Make sure to remove any stains or damps to protect your wood from severe damage. Wipe away any excess soap bubbles on the furniture.

Lastly, use a soft, dry, and clean cloth to remove the moisturizer.

Final Words

We’re close to the end. So let’s review a little.

You can buy Ethan Allen furniture to decorate your home because it has been recognized as an admired brand for almost a century.

To protect and enhance your furniture, you must apply a finish over your wood. There are numerous finish samples for the Ethan Allen furniture. Additionally, we looked over the steps to apply the finish to your cherished furniture.

If you still feel vague, you can always re-read this guide on Ethan Allen wood finish. Make decisions based on your anticipation and liking.

You should also make your family and your home your priority. Thus, the decisions shouldn’t hamper your priorities as well.

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