Ms 271 Oil Adjustment Screw – In 5 Steps Effectively

Ms 271 Oil Adjustment Screw

People always seem to give all the credit to the chain after slicing something with their chainsaws. The chain is undoubtedly one of the main players, but we forget about the thing that protects the chain itself.

Yes, it’s the oil. It helps keep the chain and the bar from overheating. It lubricates the chain so that it does not gum up during wood cutting.

There are millions of other benefits. But, you have to adjust the oiler to get the best performance. The oil adjustment is set to medium by default.

In this guide, we will help you understand what the Ms 271 Oil Adjustment Screw is and how you can adjust it for the best possible results. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

How to Adjust Stihl Ms 271 Oil Screw – Explained

The oil adjustment screw controls how much oil will flow to the chain and the bar once you start the chainsaw.

Professional chainsaw users always recommend using the highest oil flow settings. Yes, this does provide maximum chain and bar protection, but it will also drain much more oil than before.

Every year thousands of gallons of chainsaw oil spills out on the forests and never return. Ask yourself, are you going to increase the oil wastage and continue destroying nature, or will you be a sensible user and use only as much oil as needed?

There is always a tradeoff. On the other hand, even if the oil drains much more after turning up the adjustment screw, chainsaw oil is inexpensive. So, assuming you want to play with the oil adjustment screw, here’s how you can do it.

But, before we start that, there are two things you need to have. The first and foremost thing is safety. Wear long pants and leather gloves. And the second thing is a flathead screwdriver.

Ms 271 Oil Adjustment Screw – In 5 Easy Steps

The very first thing you would need to make sure of is whether your chainsaw is getting enough oil or not. If there’s no oil, you have to immediately solve the issue using the oil adjustment screw.

Here’s the complete procedure –

Step 1 – Check if Your Chain is Getting oil or Not

To check if chainsaw oiler is not working, you have to start the chainsaw and let it spin rapidly. After that, hold the end of the chain slightly towards the ground. It’ll be best if you could place a log or wood in the ground.

Don’t let the chainsaw contact the wood. Now, as the chainsaw spins, you should notice some oil on the wood’s surface. If there is none, time to adjust the oiler.

Step 2 – Locate The oil Adjustment Screw

After the testing, leave the chainsaw to cool down. After that, place it on a flat surface and flip it upside down.

Now locate the oil adjustment screw. It is always beneath the chain and bar, but different chainsaws may have different locations. In the MS 271, the screw is highlighted with an “E,” which stands for ematic.

Step 3 – Align The Screwdriver With Screw

You will find the screw inside a hole. This is to prevent any accidental rotation of the screw. Now take a flathead screwdriver and put it inside the hole.

Slightly rotate it left or right to properly align the screwdriver with the screw. Once it clicks in, you are good to go.

Remember that rotating it clockwise will increase the oil flow, and rotating it counterclockwise will decrease it. And no, setting the screw to its highest point is not the solution, at least not for everyone.

Step 4 – Start And Test Your Chainsaw

Once you rotate the oil adjustment screw, take out the screwdriver and start the MS 271 farm boss chainsaw. Repeat the test and make sure there’s no excessive or minimal oil splatter. It should be average.

If the oil splatter is too much or too little, repeat the screwing process and adjust it properly. We are not saying that too much oil splatter is bad for your chainsaw. We are just trying to tone down the oil wastage.

Step 5 – Check Chain is Receiving Oil or Not

Lastly, if the chain is still not receiving any oil even after adjusting the oil adjustment screw, the problem lies elsewhere.

Our best bet is that you have to disassemble the chain and bar and clean the oil outlet, but that’s a guide for another day.

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Final Words

The MS 271 oil adjustment screw looks like a very simple and insignificant part of your mighty slicing machine. Still, ironically, this small and simple part can have a large impact on the longevity of your chainsaw.

Lubrication is crucial for the chain. As the chainsaw runs, it overheats the chain and the bar, and you know, overheating is a no-no.

Lubrication also helps protect the teeth of the chainsaw, providing long-lasting sharpness and cutting power.

After reading the guide, we hope you can now set a proper oil flow to ensure minimal oil wastage and maximum chainsaw performance.

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