Stihl MS250 Won’t Start – Reasons And Solutions

Stihl MS250 Won’t Start

It’s a Sunday morning, and you plan to cut some trees for a new treehouse. You mark your spot and travel all the way just to find that your Stihl ms250 won’t start.

Great! Now you have to travel to the other end of the town to get it fixed.

Or you can gain some quick DIY tips and tricks to have your MS250 roaring again right on the spot. Grab a cup of coffee and take a quick look at some of the most common reasons and solutions for Sithl MS250 not working.

Stihl Ms250 Won’t Start – 4 Possible Reasons

The reasons behind any mechanical failures can be endless. Some can be dealt with little on hands experience, and others may need expert handling. All that being said, knowing your Stihl chainsaw adjustment well always comes in handy.

Below are a few of the common reasons behind the sudden abnormal behaviour of your MS250.

Whether you can have it fixed or not, the knowledge gained will save you both time and money for the DIY and mechanic shop.

Reason 1 – Faulty Ignition System

The first and the most common cause is if your chainsaw won’t start a faulty ignition system. This includes everything included in the ignition system. Such as:

  • Faulty wiring connections
  • Ripped off wires
  • Corroded spark plug
  • Problems in the ignition module
  • Unusual air gap between the air gap and the ignition module

Reason 2 – Issues With Fuel Intake

A proper intake of fuel is vital for any fuel-run machine. The same goes for your Stihl ms250 chainsaw. Anything causing the adequate mixing of fuel and air to stop will cause the machine to malfunction. This includes:

  • Dirty and clogged fuel tank
  • Dirty fuel filters
  • Clogged lines
  • Loose fuel hoses
  • Dirty carburettor

Reason 3 – Carburetor Issues

The carburetor is another essential component of the MS250 that can go wrong. It comprises three parts that include the metering section, the mixing section, and the fuel pump.

Also, the purpose of the carburettor is to bring in fuel from the tank and mix it up in the right proportion with air.

The factors that can make ur carburetor go nuts are:

  • Uncleaned bores and jets
  • Faulty sealed needle valves
  • Struck levers
  • Torn or warped diaphragms

Reason 4 – Lack of Proper Compression

The last issue you might face a lot with your MS250 is compression. Compression is vital for the spark plug and the fuel system to work in a synchronized manner.

Some of the main reasons why the compression can get compromised are:

  • Air leak inside the engine
  • Clogged fuel system

Stihl Ms250 Not Working – 3 Quick Solutions

Now that you have come to know about some of the common reasons behind your MS250 not firing up, it’s time to know how to tackle them. These are mentioned below:

Check The Ignition System

Recheck the ignition system thoroughly, starting from the spark plug up to the ignition module and flywheel. As a result, you’ll get to know whether it’s working properly or not.

Do Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning and replacement of faulty fuel system parts will help reduce fuel intake problems. So, always try to do it.

 Don’t Let The Carburetor Be Dirty

Similarly, having components of the carburetor cleaned up will eliminate many of the carburetor’s problems. Also, by replacing carburetor parts, you can keep the system running at full capacity.

If left in the hands of an expert, some problems will reap greater results. Besides, this includes the problems related to compression, where an expert hand will come in handy.

Stihl MS250 Chain Saw Won’t Start ? Let’s Fix It !


Below are short answers to some of the most common questions that might arise in your mind regarding your MS250.

How Long To Wait If The Chainsaw Is Flooded?

While the time may vary, an average of 15 to 20 minutes waiting period is enough to get you going again.

Why Does My Chainsaw Get Dull So Fast?

The main reason behind your chainsaw getting dull is frequent contact with the ground. Also, dust and rocks act as abrasives and make your chainsaw dull.

Should You Start A Chainsaw With The Chain Brake On Or Off?

For safety purposes, the chain brake should always be on while starting the chainsaw.

Why Is My Chainsaw Not Getting Gas?

If your chainsaw isn’t getting gas, the problem may likely remain with the fuel tank, spark plug, or carburetor.

Why Can’t I Get My Chainsaw Started?

There are chances that your chainsaw has been flooded with fuel.


Just like your body, your machines need a bit of care and comfort. Therefore, the same goes for your MS250. In comparison, the effort isn’t too big. A few minutes of tweaking before every usage can bring in massive results.

Though there may be many reasons why your Stihl ms250 won’t start all of a sudden, the major ones have been mentioned here.

Hope you have gained useful info and maintenance knowledge and use them for the good of you and your machine.

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